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8 Top Reasons
Your Business Needs Online Reviews

 Get more business from Google. Reviews tend to be a delineating fact that cause people to look at a company’s website. How much more business would you have if when people found your business online they clicked on your website because of the number of positive reviews you have?

  • Make your job of selling easier. Today, many potential clients will research your company before doing business with you.  Good Google, or other, reviews will “pre-sell” how good you are.
  • Help your rankings in Google’s “local map” search results. While the business with the most Google reviews doesn’t always rank on top, there is an indirect benefit. When you have more reviews, more potential customers will click on your website to check out your business.  And, while reviews don’t necessarily put you to the top, all those clicks from potential clients increase visitors to your site which does increase your Google rankings over time.
  • Increase your credibility. Saying you are great is one thing.  But when past customers say you are great that lends to your trustworthiness.
  • Capture more referrals. Think about it.  When a happy customer tells a friend about you and they look your business up online, having good reviews provides additional proof that they can trust working with you.
  • Provide easy content for your website. Having reviews from around the web automatically appear on your website helps in two ways:  First, it tells Google that you are updating your website regularly.  This is one of the many factors that Google looks at when ranking websites.  Second, and more importantly, it compiles all your reviews in one place for website visitors to see.  This provides social proof that you are good at what you do.
  • Help acquire future reviews. When a customer finds your business online and calls you because of your reviews, they are more likely to write a review when you ask.
  • Improve your products and services. Monitoring your reviews and analyzing which customers are happy and which are not, and those who don’t write reviews at all, helps identify what you are doing right and what areas of your business might need some work. 

Ultimately, reviews are a way to stand out.  In a crowded marketplace, reviews can be the difference between getting the opportunity to compete for someone’s business and not.  As a business owner, building and managing your online reputation is vital to your success. 

How are you doing at getting customer reviews?  If your efforts are hit or miss, or you aren’t getting reviews at all, we offer online Contractor Review Software that:

  • makes it easy to request reviews by email or text message;
  • automatically reminds clients that you would like them to write a review;
  • reduces the number of negative reviews hitting online sites by sending the negative reviews directly to you;
  • allows customers to write reviews on the website of their choice;
  • compiles and presents reviews from across the web on your Wordpress or Joomla website; and,
  • provides a dashboard for you to manage and respond to reviews across multiple review sites.

Mention this article and get 20% Off the monthly subscription fee for the first year.  To learn more, call Donna at 719-330-8531 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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