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iiCON Construction Group

Project:  Search Engine Optimization

Background:  iiCON Construction Group, a Commercial General Contractor located in Colorado Springs, had a website designed by another company at the end of 2014.  When we met with them in December, 2015 they were looking to increase brand recognition as well as increase search engine rankings.

Our Process:  We started by running website and keyword analysis for their website to get a baseline and understand the task at hand.  What we found was that the content that was written for the website was not written with keywords or using search engine optimization techniques.  Because of that, the website did not rank within the top 100 results for any keywords associated with commercial construction or general contracting.

Our first task was to completely re-write their content to be search engine optimized for the keywords and georgraphic areas for which they wanted to rank.  Once that was completed we started working on off-site indicators including informational blog posts, guest blog posts, press releases and more.  We are targeting 20 specific keywords.

Results:  Today,their website is climbing in the search engines with the highest rankings now being on page 2. 


4164 Austin Bluffs Pkwy #249
Colorado Springs, Colorado


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