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Keep Your Brand Top-of-Mind with Content and Email Marketing

Turn to, seasoned experts in the construction industry, to showcase your company’s brand and image with powerful email marketing.  When used correctly and consistently, email and content marketing work together to keep your business name top-of-mind with past and prospective new clients and ultimately drive new business. 


Email marketing is a method for retaining past clients and nurturing prospective clients. Email marketing consists of sending regular emails to your email list with value added content to keep your company name top-of-mind. Drip email campaigns are automated email marketing messages sent at regular intervals to a prospect based on their request for certain information. Email marketing is a low cost method to increase website conversions and sales by up to 80% at 33% lower cost.

In today’s highly competitive environment, your business needs to not only perform better than your competitors you must get the word out to grow your customer base.  Using your website as the center of your marketing we work with you to create content that educates and enlightens your customer base while advancing your company name as the expert in your industry.

Bring New Visitors to your Website with Content Marketing

Using social media, search engine advertising and email marketing the content on your website is a powerful tool to bring new visitors to your website. Using persuasive calls-to-action and added value content (such as a free download of your product brochure, an information packed newsletter or a new-subscriber only discount), we entice visitors to subscribe to your email list.  Once we have their information, a steady stream of unique and well-crafted emails go out to keep them engaged with your company until they are ready to buy.

Increase Search Engine Rankings with Email and Content Marketing

If one of your goals is to increase your website’s search engine rankings, email and content marketing are the perfect combination to signal Google that your website is providing valuable information to visitors.  As more and more visitors come to your site and the length of time they stay on the site increases, Google compares this to your competitor’s sites and makes the decision to move you up in the ranks.  As you reach page one, the number of visitors to your site will increase and your ad spend will decrease as prospective clients find you without knowing your company name.

Convert More Website Visitors into Paying Customers

Oftentimes, first time visitors to your website are researching for a future purchase and not yet ready to buy.  A drip email campaign engages your prospects with automated communication.  As the relationship is nurtured with no human involvement, your emails are building your company’s credibility and trust over time.  This makes the sale easier when they are ready to buy and ultimately converts more website visitors into paying customers.

If you are ready to generate more clients from your website, call now for a FREE consultation to learn how can help your company grow with a unique email and content marketing strategy.

Everything they said would happen, happened!

We met with Donna and Gerald, and liked what we heard. ...EVERYTHING they said would happen, and at the time it would happen - has. Our site is smooth, functioning, streamlined and effective. You are what people see, and our site says we're the leader in our industry.

--R. Mench, Business Owner

They listened to us and made our ideas happen!

Guardian Solutions created a beautiful, intuitive website for my business. The design team was great to work with. They listened to us and found ways to make our ideas happen. Guardian Solutions has my highest recommendations.

--A. Richman, Business Owner

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